Sleeping positions and your personality.

According to Professor Chris Idzikowski, director of the UK Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service.


People who sleeps in foetus position appear strong superficially but are sensitive individuals. This is the most popular sleep pattern.


Sleeping in this position suggest that the person is friendly and like social gatherings. Friends like them because they are fun to be with.


Those who sleep in this position are distrustful of others. They make up their minds slowly and is hard to convince them to change their decision.


Those who are fond of sleeping in this position shows that the person is composed and not very keen to socialize with others. In addition, they establish high standards on themselves and others.


Adopting this position indicates that the person seems bold and sociable. However, they cannot tolerate criticism.


This sleeping position suggest that he or she is good at listening to their friend’s problems. Besides they don’t like to have all attention directed to them.


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What does your favourite color say about you?

According to Dewey color system there are we can interpret our personality through the color we like.


 Those who like black are very committed to a relationship. Once they have set their minds on a goal nothing can stop them until they see success. Their judgment are based on feelings but not rationality.


People attracted to white tend to try new activities. They are always finding ways to further broaden their minds. These individuals are people magnet.


An affinity for green indicates that a person is helpful and he or she will go miles just to help a friend. They are the best friend you can possibly have. However, sometimes their kindness will be taken advantage of. This person may seem innocent but are in fact wise because they can put themselves in somebody’s shoes.


Red commands attention, this is what those who like red are. They are direct and assertive. In addition these people are realistic and logical. The say can say ” No” with ease. Therefore they are often respected. However, they get frustrated easily when other’s are incompetent.


Individuals who like yellow are positive thinkers. They want to make others feel happy without hoping for any reward. It’s hard to offer our help to these individuals because they will often decline help from others.


A love for pink color usually shows that a person is caring and loving. They appear to be adorable, therefore he or she is likable. Despite that, pink lovers must ensure that others are grateful to them.


A blue person has a positive persona. He or she may look into the good points of other people. Contrary to many beliefs that blue color fans are often pessimist, in fact they are the ones that people should look for when are unhappy. However they must accept the fact that everyone has their shortcomings.


If you are fond of orange means that you are people’s person. Social gatherings are suitable places for you. In addition, you love doing outdoor activity. However, you are do not like engage in a relationship and therefore not very loyal.



Those who are fond of purple try to find ways to improve their lives. They are keen on getting knowledge which makes them voracious readers. As they are striving for excellence, they tend to become critical of their own selves.

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Is it true mosquitoes are attracted to some people?

( Image courtesy of Susan Ellis, ,  )

Yes this is true. Certain people have this capability to lure mosquitoes into biting them. In fact the real threat comes from the female mosquitoes that feed on blood to provide protein and iron for its developing eggs. The male mosquitoes only feed on plant nectar.

According to research 1 in 10 people are mosquitoes magnet. The first reason is cholesterol level. This does not indicate that people with high cholesterol level are more susceptible. However some people give off cholesterol by- product on the surface of their skin that attracts the mosquitoes.

People with high uric acid level can become easy targets. Carbon dioxide production  will  lure mosquitoes to a person as well. That is why adults get bitten more often than children. In addition , movement and heat  do play a role in triggering mosquitoes attacks. For those who are keen to go outdoors the best safety measure is bringing a mosquito repellent spray.

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What happens when you swallow bubble gum?

(Image courtesy of, user 17 Drew, via creative commons)

We had heard from our mothers that we should never ever swallow bubble gum. According to old wives tale, the gum will stay inside our stomach for seven years. This really scared me a lot when I was little. Luckily, this is  not true. So what happens  to the gum when it’s swallowed?

Let’s start with what the gum is made of? It contains rubber base, sweeteners, softeners, flavoring and coloring agent. All but the rubber base is able to be digested by the stomach.  The rubber base just pass through the intestines and  come out into the toilet the next day.

Nevertheless, precaution should be taken in very young children due to incidence of choking. As for others just cut back your worries over the gum that you swallowed when you were young.

Link Is it safe to swallow chewing gum?

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Why you do not fall off the bed while sleeping?

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It’s quite fascinating to know that as you are sleeping alone on a queen sized mattress, you may occupy the whole bed for your self.  Same as when you are sleeping on a sofa, your body will try to move away from the edge of the sofa. This phenomenon had puzzled scientist for a long time.

They believed the brain can remember the spacing as well as the size of the bed. Therefore, it subconsciously directs the body away from the edge of the bed. This prevents us from falling off the bed.

However if you are not sleeping on your own bed, you may fall off the bed. This is why hospitals have beds with rails at the side. Likewise  for young children’s bed because their brain is still developing.

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Why you cannot tickle yourself?

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The ticklish sensation is believed to be a defense system against insects that crawl over your body. This makes you realize  there is something crawling over your body.

As you tickle yourself, the brain can predict where and when you want to tickle. It also knows how much force the hand is going to exert and the speed of the hand tickling. Therefore it cancels out all the ticklish feeling.

Although knowing that a person is going to tickle you, the brain can’t anticipate exactly where and when he wants to tickle you. As a result , it will cause you to be bothered and laugh.

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Why do lobster changes to red when cooked?

The Lobster and shrimp have hard shells enveloping their body. They belong to the family of crustacean. Before the lobster is cooked the shell is dark however after boiling them in hot water the shell changes to red.  The red color is composed of astaxanthin pigment which are similar to the orange pigment found in carrots.

A raw lobster appears dark because there is a coating of dark pigments on the surface of the shell. The astaxanthin pigment is hidden under the dark pigments. Once cooked, the dark pigments break down to reveal the astaxanthin pigment. Therefore, the shell turns into red.

(Image courtesy of, user “tuppus“)

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